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Help Desk Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions i-Dispatch

  • I want To Trial i-Dispatch For Free. Where to I start ?

    Firstly register on the i-dispatch site. Make sure you complete all the required information truthfully & do not leave any blanks. Accurate data will avoid confusion later. Please note that for systems integrity and accountability data cannot be changed at a later date.
    To register click here. We will send you a confirmation email
    After you have registered you will need to use your smartphone or tablet to download the mobile Apps
    Download the Apple iOS App here
    Download the Android App here
  • I have registered but cannot login

    After you register, our support staff will activate your account and then contact you to assist you complete the setup of your i-Dispatch system. We help you import data such as your staff lists, client lists, parts lists and more. We train you on how to best set up the system for your business requirements.
  • I cannot log into the mobile App on my phone or tablet

    To log into the mobile App you must be registered as a "Mobile User". You cannot use a username and password allocated to an "Office User" to log into a mobile app.
  • My Mobile Worker's Locations Are Not Displaying On The Map

    Please ensure that all smartphones & tablets (devices) used by mobile staff have the GPS or location based services enabled & ensure that the GPS is providing a reliable position. Please ask Mobile workers to check by viewing their location on Google Maps on their devices. If the device GPS was disabled and then re-enabled whilst indoors, a GPS location may not be possible until the device is taken outdoors.
  • My Mobile Staff Are Not Receiving Job & Reminder emails

    From the Office PC, select "Staff" and ensure the "Mobile Worker's" email address has been entered correctly.
  • My Mobile Staff Are Not Receiving any popup notifications

    Please ensure "Push Noticiations" are enabled for the i-Dispatch App on each staff Smartphone or Tablet. Once a job is allocated to the mobile staff member or any changes, additions of job notes, messaging is sent a notification will appear on the screen.
  • I am trying to dispatch a job but cannot select the worker

    From the Office PC, select the staff menu and ensure the worker is set up as a "Mobile Worker". Jobs cannot be dispatched to office workers. Also please check the "Mobile Worker's" availability as they may be unavailable due to annual leave or sick leave etc.

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