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Products & Applications Helping Improve Business Efficiency

Cars & Trucks
GPS Tracking For Fleet Management

Join the thousands of business owners that have improved their peace of mind, customer service, efficiency, security, productivity,& accountability with our outstanding GPS Tracking Systems. Read more

Machines & Equipment
Machines & Equipment GPS Tracking
Containers & Trailers
GPS Tracking Trailers & Shipping Containers
Refrigerated Transport
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Garbage Trucks
Garbage Truck Waste Management GPS Tracking
Street Sweepers
GPS Tracking for Street Sweepers
School Buses
GPS Tracking & Studen Attendance Roll For School Buses
Lone Worker Safety
GPS Lone Worker Tracker with SOS and Man Down
Mining Oil & Gas
GPS Tracking & IVMS for Mining, Oil, Gas and Palm Oil Vehicles
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GPS Telematics Malaysia software is a cloud based software platform and Smart Device App. Log in from anywhere via the internet to GPS track and monitor your vehicles, assets and staff. Generate reports, action alerts and more.

Live Tracking Where are they now?
Replay Journeys Where have they been
Generate Reports Improve Efficiency
Receive Alerts Security & Safety
Service Reminders Minimise down time
Plan Routes Save Travelling Time
Driving Behaviour Predict Accidents, Wear and Tear
Work Times Reduce Paperwork