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  • Australia Head Office +61 3 9467 6188

Your Security

Our Cloud Computing infrastructure is hosted within Australia and under the strict guidelines of the Australian Standards for internet security.
It insures the highest level of security, stability, backup & redundancy.

Internet security is of great importance to us. We treat it as a serious part of our business, and it is constantly being monitored and under strict scrutiny.

Physical & Electronic Security

GPS Telematics Malaysia IntelliTrac and i-Dispatch servers are located in Australia within secure data centres providing both physical security (limited access to data centre) and electronic security in the terms of firewalls and network security. Only systems administrators and senior software developers have access to the IT infrastructure. All staff are police checked for additional security.

Redundancy & Backup

The cloud infrastructure is backed up daily and includes backup infrastructure incase of system failure, power failure, airconditioning failure or other issues within the data centre which may cause a disruption to the service.

User Access

Only you and your nominated staff have access to your data. Any external access to your data including help desk support must be authorised via strict security level protocols compliant with Australian Standards for IT security.

User Passwords

Your passwords are encrypted and securely stored.

User Permissions

User permissions may be defined to limit the data which users may view or change.

Payment Gateways

Payment Gateways are via Bank infrastructure or Paypal

Your Data - Client & Job Records

Your records are securely stored and archived. They are easily searchable by you for the purposes of investigating job and client histories. We do not destroy any data without your permission. If you cease your service with us indefinitely, you may ask us to destroy all your data stored on our servers.