GPS Tracking Sensitive Cargo

IntelliTrac has the required experience in many industry verticles including prisoner transport, pharmaceuticals, tobacco, alchohol, cash in transit, palm oil & high value electronic goods.

IntelliTrac not only displays the location of cargo in real time, but may also alert instantaneously if:

  •   SOS Buttons are pressed
  •   Planned routes are deviated
  •   Trailers are unhitched
  •   Trailers are not in live sync tracking with prime mover
  •   Doors or hatches are opened in transit
  •   Doors or hatches are opened outside allowable areas or times
  •   Fuel or other liquid levels change quickly (fuel theft in transit)
  •   Temperatures fall out of spec. eg: Refrigerated goods cargo doors opened

IntelliTrac also provide container tracking, pallet tracking as well as cash box tracking

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Tracking sensitive cargo requires advanced GPS Tracking & Telematics devices such as IntelliTrac's IT300 Elite range of products, coupled to state of the art software such as IntelliTrac's Hawk software platforms.

IntelliTrac Road User Charge Calculator New Zealand
IntelliTrac Evolve GPS Trailer & Container Tracker

"IntelliTrac Evolve"
Tough Cargo Security

"Evolve" is a tough & tamper proof magnetic mount battery operated GPS tracking device.
It's great for stealth tracking of pallets or cartons.
"Evolve" provides tamper & low battery alerts to ensure you are informed when recharging is required.
"Evolve's" flexible configuration is able to provide GPS position updates at certain times each day & can also be configured to additionally provide continuous live tracking when the asset is in motion.

IntelliTrac Elite is the 4th generation flagship IVMS telematics device by IntelliTrac. It features cutting edge technology & functionality such as:

  • Live GPS Tracking with optional fallback to SatComs
  • Driver Identification - No Swipe No Start
  • In Cabin SOS button & Portable SOS/Man Down Pendant
  • Trailer hitch & Unhitch Detection
  • Trailer Identification
  • Trailer To Prime Mover Location Tracking Synchronisation
  • Door Open Detection
  • Cargo Temperature Monitoring
  • Tampering with tanker contents
  • Fuel theft
  • Off Route Alerts
  • Usage outside of operational times & areas
  • Rollover detection
  • Interface to 3rd party security systems
  • Interface to Video Recorders CCTV with Live Streaming

"IntelliTrac Elite"
Driver & Cargo Security

IntelliTrac Elite Top of the range GPS Telematics Device Cargo Security
IntelliTrac Live Video Streaming

Live Video Streaming On Demand

IntelliTrac's Mobile Digital Video Recorder provides the following live streaming options:

  • Live Video Stream on critical events such as SOS, Off Route etc.
  • Live Video Stream up to 4 cameras at once
  • Stream up to 4 cameras from one vehicle
  • Stream selected cameras from up to 4 vehicles at once
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